Siberian Cattery Russian Character

Welcome to the monobreed cattery of Siberian cats Russian Character!

Russian Character Siberians are known for their grace, exceptional temperament, good health and natural beauty.
We are a family cattery in Saratov, Russia, with a small, home based cattery that is registered in WCF. We fell in love with Siberians in 1999 when the first Siberian cat came to our home and filed it with love and tranquility.

From that time our cats and kittens are very important part of our family. Our cattery is a labor of love and the whole family is involved in the daily care of our cats and kittens. Their health, happiness and overall wellbeing is our first priority at all times. Our siberian kittens are raised under foot and are a much loved part of our family.
It's very important for us to hold the highest standards for good health, loving personalities, and excellent type in our Siberian cats. Our goal is to breed exceptional, healthy and temperamentally Siberians who conform to the highest breed standard. We work hard to maintain the natural beauty and health of this magnificent breed. We carefully select the cats and bloodlines for our Siberian cattery, and test for genetic illnesses known to the breed, to be sure in the health of our cats and kittens.

We hope you enjoy browsing through the site, we enjoy hearing from you!

You can find here a true friend! Our Siberians live in care and love, they get everything needed for their health and growing.

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